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Projeto #177

TrustFood Platform

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  • Jorge Batista
  • Luís Inácio
Área de intervenção
  • Indústria, inovação e infraestruturas
  • Produção e consumo sustentáveis
  • Proteger a vida marinha
  • Proteger a vida terrestre

We are developing TrustFood, which is a Distributed Ledger-based project to bring more transparency to the food supply chain.

In today's world where disinformation is ever more present and obfuscates knowledge on a daily basis, how can people truly trust anything they read?

We are developing a platform that will allow producers to store their product's data on the Tangle distributed ledger. These tools will then allow the people to check through a number of methods, such as QR codes on the labels, for example, and obtain a much-needed transparency regarding the origins of the product they're purchasing, and what kind of development processes it underwent. Besides that, certifiers will be able to issue their certificates on the distributed ledger, which means the producers records and their veracity would be verifiable for everyone, as the Tangle is a transparent and tamper-proof ledger.

We envision a future when governments will work closely with producers, certifiers, tech companies and Food Safety Authorities (such as ASAE in Portugal) inforcing data insertion on blockchain with the main goal of guaranteeing to their citizens a better food supply system, leveraging producers that respect rules, and preventing borne illness diseases by acting in the real-time red-flagging products that are on the supply chain that are not good for human consumption.