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EmpowerMinds and Hearts.A meaningful Life for all

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  • Beatriz Wigderowitz
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Empower Minds and Hearts. A meaningful Life for all
Create an online community of medical specialists, psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors to support people with Depression and Anxiety and all under a stressful life that mind their mental and emotional health
Mentis aims to be the platform where both depressed, anxious or under stress people feels comfortable and confident to be treated or supported by connecting them to a valuable and helpful community of professionals.
At this stage Mentis founders are looking for seeding investment to continue improvement and updating of the platform website (photos, hosting, coding, contents) and MVP conclusion to go to the market testing, & launch in the UK as 1st market (animation videos, adjustments, counsellor endorsement of the self- assessment diagnosis based on the DSM4 - the Mental Health guidelines in Psychiatry